Church of San Ludovico or of Cennano: inside there is a cloister from 1471 ceded in the 19th century to the Accademia Valdarnese del Poggio. This Academy was founded in the early 19th century and is named after the humanist from the Valdarno. Poggio Bracciolini: the library has over 23.000 volumes and is in the same building as the Museum of Palaeontology. Collegiata di San Lorenzo: It dominates piazza Varchi. its original part (13th century) was restructured in the 18th century. The precious Marian relic, the Sacred Milk, is conserved there.


Palazzo del Podestà: On the façade are the coats af arms of the former town magistrates. Capuchin Convent: it was built in the 16th century, on the site of the old feudal castle ruins. Moncioni: ancient castle with stretches of the town walls. Nearby, the Pinetum, is an arboretum planted in 1850.


Il Cassero: The collection of “Cassero” in which there are works of historical and artistic importance of Michelangelo Monti, Timo Bortolotti, Arturo Stagliano, Alberto Giacomasso, Mentore Maltoni, Valmore Gemignani, Moschi Mario, Mario Bini, Odo Franceschi, Florence Poggi, Donatella (Dodi) Bortolotti, were transferred to the sculpture as well montevarchini Pietro Guerri, Elio Galassi and Ernesto Galeffi , formerly owned by Hall. Museum of palaeontology: it documents the fauna and vegetation that existed on the territory in the period between three million and one hundred million years ago. It is located in the former convent of san Ludovico.


Della Robbia Templet with glazed pottery from the Florentine studio (early 16th century) The Reliquary of the Sacred Milk (1630) made of carved ebony, with gilded Silver and copper decorations. A big silver processional Cross (1552) Museum of Sacred Art: it is in the centre of Montevarchi and as a very valuable collection. In particular, there are some liturgical object that had belonged to the local Fraternity of the Sacred Milk.


Cavallucci and Fantocce della Befana: according to an old tradition, all children receive , on the morning of 6 January, a sweetmeat shaped like a horse or witch made of short pastry covered in coloured sugar, as well chocolates and other sweetmeats The Panbriacone: Born from the original idea of the brothers Bonci, the Panbriacone has become the main product of the pastry. This is a sweet sourdough, exceptional in its simplicity. It’s a cake that can be enjoyed throughout the year, for example, accompanied by a zabaglione sauce in the winter, or ice cream in summer.


The Mercatale: In June 2005, starts “the Mercatale”, a monthly market for direct sales of local products. After 3 years from the market square, comes the need for an evolution of this project, which offers a real opportunity for a good relationship between town and country, for daily shopping, buying direct and every day fresh and season by the farmer and the farmer. So was born the “Market Hall”, a major daily outlet for direct sales of local products. The initiative is open to all farmers-land-is therefore a direct sales shared by multiple local producers. Prada: The Prada Outlet in Montevarchi is one of the best stocked in Tuscany, where you can find articles and clothing, shoes and accessories all made designer Prada. The Cantonella offers information on transportation, opening hours and days
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